Jews ordered to register in east Ukraine

You know, I thought we learned our lesson 70+ years ago. The fact this is happening now is troubling.



Once u mess up liquid eyeliner there is no going back


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this summarizes my love life toward guys.
Anonymous: It's not really anyone's fault cos like u can't control who you fall in love with like I get y you're hurt but also no one is really to blame


No you can’t control your feelings, but you can control your actions.

There is a high difference between falling in love the natural way and saying to your current SO, “Look, I’m sorry things ended up this way, but I have to follow my heart” and absolutely going “lol i love this girl and even though I have someone, I’m going to do what I want.” There is no respect in cheating. Yes, the heart wants what it wants, but at the end of the fucking day, you either grab your big kid undies and do the right thing and end it if it’s not what you want or you deal with the backfire you get for being an absolute moron and hurting someone that didn’t deserve it.

Sorry for the rant, milkpan. Don’t let your crown fall.

remember that one time supernatural predicted that Palin was gonna be president?

i think about that a lot and smile because it didn’t happen.


there is always that one person you see and you just



instead of being productive today I made a gif of my cat giving me a cuddle

my cat does this.

It’s a late night and no one’s up and my thoughts are all colliding inside my head. The only thing on my mind are the lyrics to ‘Last Kiss’ by Taylor Swift and the hurt I feel because for a moment, everything was fine.

It wasn’t like I was looking for love, but when I met him everything inside me simply said, “Why, hello, I’ve been looking for you.” And he became important in my life. He became the first thing I thought of in the morning, the last thing I wanted to hear in my ears at night. And he didn’t know it for a while, but he calmed me down. Just talking to him made it all better. And it was good; it was real good. 

But now I have to face the sobering fact he’s not over his ex and I’ve gotten too far in to this love affair to be able to turn away. Because the pain kills me inside to know the one I actually want and fell in love with can’t give their all to me— despite the desire to separate himself from his previous lover, I think deep down I know he can’t and that we can never really be. And this is the only thing I can think of.

And no one is up, so I’m letting my heart pour out my emotions and I’m letting everyone in who knows this pain. And even if it were to go my way, like the lyrics go, “You can plan for a change in the weather and time, but I never planned on  you changing your mind.”

I want to be his first choice. I deserve to be someone’s. I deserve a happy ending. But he also deserves his. There’s no easy way out, so I guess lyrics and songs and movies will do until I’m okay enough to smile without faltering. 






I dont just do this with people I know. I try to help everyone 

i’d stay up with ANYONE.

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I’ve done this with so many people, some I didn’t even know.
❝ Should’ve known you’d bring me heartache. Almost lovers always do. ❞
- A Fine Frenzy
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