my mom is telling her boyfriend about my sister and i’s love/hate relationship that started when i was a baby.


silver-tongued-sloth said:

I wonder what people see in mine. I know my true intentions and feelings, but I always wonder if my eyes show them.

i guess you’d have to ask.

silver-tongued-sloth said:

Well, what do you look at first physically?

eyes. usually the eyes. you can tell a lot about someone by their eyes; especially if there is sadness.

silver-tongued-sloth said:

What is the first thing you notice about a person when you meet them?

their personality probably? if they’re quite, if they’re obnoxious. i can’t judge someone based off their appearance so I have to base it off something with true substance. their personality does the trick. 

Anonymous said:

I hope you see how amazing you are one day! Who are your celebrity crushes?

ty, i appreciate it.

i don’t really have any, in honesty, but i find natalie portman and natalie dormer to be truly beautiful women. and tom hiddleston.

Anonymous said:

Did you know you are beautiful? What is your favorite song atm?

my life has a long history of being told others are beautiful than me. only recently have I started to think I could be; it takes a lot of self-confidence to have that mentality. 

favorite songs?

>maps, maroon 5.

> just another star, BFMV.

> Sky full of stars, Coldplay.

can you see a theme? c:

Anonymous said:

Where do you work?

good ol’ walgreens.

Anonymous said:

What kind of pup do you have? Im at work and this guy is shit talking LoL so hard and talking about how Smite is so much better but he owns all the champions.

a dachshund, pureblood. he’s my wiener. i have a cat so i can make ALL the inappropriate jokes. c:

i’ve never played smite. oh well. opinions, opinions.

Anonymous said:

Im sorry :( ill make sure I talk to yoy until I pass out. What are yoy doing today

WELL. currently I’m at my job, but I’m taking off early to take my pup to his vet appointment. He needs an annual checkup.